The Turco-Mongol Invasions and the Lords of Armenia in the 13-14th Centuries

Robert G. Bedrosian's Ph.D. Dissertation
(Columbia University, 1979)

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Table of Contents



The Sources

Armenia and the Turco-Mongol Invasions

Armenia's Lords and their Reactions to the Turco-Mongol
Invasions and Domination of the 13-14th Centuries

The Naxarars and the Invasions of the Early 13th Century

Mongol Control Techniques in the 13th Century

Triumph of the Turkmens

Naxarar Reactions to Mongol Control Techniques of the 13-14th Centuries


Appendix A.
Supplementary Notes on the 11-13th Century Naxarars
Appendix B.
Aspects of Centrifugalism within and among Certain 13-14th Century Naxarardoms
Appendix C.
Notes on the Relations between the Mongols and the Armenian Church in the 13th Century

1. Sources
2. Literature

The following modern chronological tables may be helpful as accompaniments to the study:

Rulers of the Mongol Empires
Rulers of Armenia and of Eastern and Western Empires
Kat'oghikoi and Corresponding Secular Rulers of the Armenians
Rulers of Armenia and Iberia/Georgia

Additional tables are available on another page of this site: Chronological Tables.

Maps are available on our Maps Page.

Additional material is available on another page of this website: Turkica and Turco-Mongolica.

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