The Chronicle of
Michael the Great,
Patriarch of the Syrians

Translated from Classical Armenian
by Robert Bedrosian

For Reverend Father Krikor Vardapet Maksoudian,
who taught me the language

This work is in the public domain. It may be copied and distributed freely.

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From Atlas Antiquus (Berlin, 1869) by Heinrich Kiepert:

Asia Minor and Neighbors

Greater Cappadocia
Armenia and Neighbors

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Translator's Preface

Composite 1871 Edition
1870 Edition 1871 Edition

The Chronicle of
Michael the Great,
Patriarch of the Syrians

The following Table of Contents for the Composite 1871 edition was created for the convenience of readers and is not part of the Armenian text.

Author's Preface
Problems of Chronology

Jared; Mt. Hermon

Chaldean Kings

Sons of Noah and Their Lands
Tower of Babel
The Amazons

Rulers of Babylon
Shamiram (Semiramis)



The Queen of Sheba and Her Riddles
Rulers after Solomon

Darius, Daniel, Cyrus
Xerxes, B.C. 486-465

Persian Kings
Alexander, B.C. 356-323
Ptolemy, B.C. 323-285

Translators of the Bible
Haykazean Kings
Maccabees, B.C. 167-160

138 B.C.
90 B.C.
Genealogy of Herod

Julius Caesar, B.C. 100-44
Herod's Rule over the Jews

Cleopatra, reigned B.C. 51-30
Birth of Jesus
Coming of the Magi

Selection of the Apostles
Selection of the Disciples
Philo, Jewish Sects

Abgar, King of Edessa
Claudius, A.D. 41-54
Vespasian, A.D. 70-79

Apollonius of Tyana
A.D. 163-276
Constantine the Great, 305-337

Gregory the Illuminator
Council of Nicaea, 325

Empress Helene Finds the Cross
Constantine's Successors
Julian the Apostate, 361-363

Jovian, 363-364
Mawie', Queen of the Tachiks (Arabs)
Theodosius I, 379-395

Arcadius, 395-408
Theodosius II, 408-450
Nestorius, c. 386-c. 450

Council of Chalcedon, 451
Marcian, 450-457
Leo I, 457-474

Zeno, 474-491
Anastasius I, 491-518
Bishop Severus

Justin I, 518-527
Victims of Chalcedon
Bishop Asclepius of Edessa

The Himyarites of Arabia
Justinian I, 527-574
Religious Controversies

Portents in 536
Sack of Rome

Julian of Halicarnassus
Events at Amida in the 560s
Justin II, 565-578, and aerial phenomena

Empress Sophia
King Mundhir and the Arabs
Byzantine-Persian warfare,
    in Mesopotamia and Armenia

Tiberius, 574-582
Maurice, 582-602
Phocas, 602-610

Heraclius I, 610-641
Muhammad, c. 570-632
'Umar, 634-644

End of the Sasanians
Deaths of Heraclius and 'Umar
'Uthman, 644-656

Barsauma and the Persians
Events of the 650s
Constantine IV, Pogonatus, 668-685

'Abd al-Malik, 685-705
Justinian II, 685-695, and the Khazars
al-Walid, 705-715

Yazid II, 720-724
Marwan II, 744-750
Wonders in the Sky

Events of the 750s
Events, 760s-780s, wonders
Harun al-Rashid, 786-809

Leo V, 813-820; Michael II, 820-829
Theophilus, 821-829; 829-842
al-Mutasim, 833-842

Visit of King George of Nubia
Aerial Phenomena, 840s
Witchcraft, 860s

John II Tzimisces, 969-976
Michael IV, the Paphlagonian, 1034-1041
Early History of the Turks

Constantine IX, Monomachus, 1042-1055
Saljuq Invasions
Romanus IV, Diogenes, 1068-1071

Armenian Cilicia
Kilij-Arslan I, 1092-1107

The Hospitallers
Events, 1120s-1130s, Wonders
The Lance of Christ

Manuel I, 1143-1180
Edessa, to c. 1145
T'oros II of Cilicia, 1145-1169

Events, 1150-1156
The Almohads, Maghreb and al-Andalus

Events, 1157-1158
Events, 1159-1160
Events to 1165

Events, 1166-1169/70
Caliph Mustadi, 1170-1180

Events, 1172
Events, 1173-1174

Events, 1175
Events, 1176-1177
Events, 1178

Events, 1179-1181
Events, 1182-1186
Events, 1187-1189
Events, 1190-1195

Available on other pages of this website are some useful accompaniments to Michael's Chronicle. Michael made use of Josephus and Eusebius among his sources. Bar Hebraeus made use of Michael among his sources:

The Writings of Flavius Josephus (c. 37-100);

the Chronicle (or Chronicon) of Eusebius of Caesarea (c. 263-c. 339) [Eusebius' Chronicle Part I];

Roger Pearse's translation of Eusebius' chronological tables (Jerome's Chronicle) [Eusebius' Chronicle Part 2];

Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History;

and E. A. Wallis Budge's translation of Bar Hebraeus' Chronography.

Clicking the links below will download the files in pdf format from our website:

Classical Armenian texts:

Jerusalem 1870 edition, 630 pdf pages. File size: 14.7 MB;
Jerusalem 1871 edition, 815 pdf pages. File size: 19.2 MB.
Victor Langlois' French translation, a composite of the Armenian versions:
Chronique de Michel le Grand patriarche des Syriens Jacobites (Venice, 1868). Langlois used manuscripts from the two main groups of manuscripts published in the later Classical Armenian editions of Jerusalem 1870 and 1871. His edition is very readable and accompanied by extensive scholarly notes. 399 pdf pages. File size: 17.2 MB.
Chabot's French translation of the Syriac text:
Chabot volume 1. File size: 23.9 MB.
Chabot volume 2. File size: 41.5 MB.
Chabot volume 3. File size: 32.7 MB.

Some Armeniaca Excluded from the Armenian Versions, but found in Chabot's French translation of the original Syriac. File size: 11.3 MB.

The Syriac text is available at Internet Archive:
Chabot volume 4. File size: 101.7 MB.

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