Bar Hebraeus'

Translated from Syriac

by E. A. Wallis Budge

(London, 1932)

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The Patriarchs from Adam to Moses. I.
The Judges from Joshua to Samuel. II.
The Kings of the Hebrews. III.
The Chaldean (Babylonian) Kings. IV.
The Kings of the Medes. V.
The Kings of the Persians. VI.
The First Kingdom of the Greeks. VII.
The Roman Emperors. VIII.
The Second Kingdom of the Greeks. IX.

The Kings of the Arabs. X.
The Kingdom of the Saljuks in Persia.
The History of the Crusades.
The Taking of Edessa from the Franks.
The Kingdom of the Mughlaye (Mongols), who are the Tataraye (Tartars).
The Sons of Chingiz Khan.
The Laws of Chingiz Khan.
How the Mongols Cleaved to the Worship of Images.
The Cause of the Enmity between the Mongols and the Persians.
The Capture of Constantinople by the Franks.
The Capture of Samarkand by the Tatars.
The Capture of Khawarazm the Tatars.
The Murder of Amin ad-Dawlah Taoma.
The Death of Chingiz Khan.
The Enthronment of a Mongol Khan [Ogedei].
The Kingdom of Badr ad-Din Lulu.
The Enthronement of Ghoyuk [Guyuk] Khan
The Enthronement of Munga [Mongke] Khan
The Capture of Baghdad

The Kings of the Huns. XI.

The Enthronement of Kublai [Qubilai] Khan.
'Abaka [Abagha/Abaqa], the Successor of Hulabu (Hulegu).
The Capture of Antioch.
Takudar [Teguder] 'Ahmad
Arghon [Arghun], the Son of 'Abaka [Abagha/Abaqa].
The Murder of Shams ad-Din.
Kanjatu [Geikhatu], the Brother of 'Arghon.

[The history of the last ten years in the Chronography was not written by Bar Hebraeus, who died in 1286; the writer was probably his brother, Bar Sawma Safi.]

The pagination of the present edition is that of Paul Bedjan's Syriac text, which Budge indicates in brackets within his English translation.

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