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Selected Writings of Robert Bedrosian

Natural Factors Affecting Human History, writings by Ellsworth Huntington, Ellen Churchill Semple, Alexander Chizhevsky, and Richard B. Stothers.

Historiography, writings on historiography, anthropology, and culture by A. L. Kroeber, Franz Boas, Edward Burnett Tylor, and Sigmund Freud, and articles from Wikipedia about noteworthy historiographers.

Quotes about History, collected by Ferenc M. Szasz.

Eastern Byzantium
Turkica and Turco-Mongolica
Some Armeniaca and Caucasica from Encyclopaedia Iranica online

Selected Topics in Ancient and Medieval Iranian History from Encyclopaedia Iranica online

Ancient and Medieval Libraries
Ancient and Medieval Gardens
Ancient Sexuality

Historical Sources, English translations of Armenian historical sources.
Studies, texts, dictionaries:

Studies of Armenian Historical Sources and Related Armeniaca
Classical Armenian (grabar) Historical Sources
Catalogs, Philosophical, Patristic, and Theological Materials
Lawcodes and Jurisprudence
Dictionaries and Grammars

Learning Classical Armenian (grabar) on the Internet

Eastern Asia Minor and the Caucasus in Remote and Classical Antiquity:
Sources and Studies:
Hittite, Hurrian, Urartian


Folklore, Mythology, and Heterodox Faiths of the Armenian Highlands and Neighboring Lands

Travellers' Accounts: Journeys to the Armenian Highlands and Neighboring Lands (17th through early 20th centuries)
Reference Works
Including, Selected Writings of:

Nicholas Adontz
Garnik Asatrian
Hratch Bartikyan
Peter Charanis
Sirarpie Der Nersessian
Igor M. Diakonoff
Suren T. Eremyan
Levon S. Khachikyan
Krikor Vardapet Maksoudian
Hagop A. Manandian

Vladimir Minorsky
Matti Moosa
Armen Petrosyan
Boris Piotrovsky
G. X. Sargsyan
A.H. Sayce
Hovann H. Simonian
Aram Ter-Ghewondyan
Cyril Toumanoff

Norman H. Baynes
E. W. Brooks
E. A. Wallis Budge
J. B. Bury
Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare
O. M. Dalton
Charles Diehl
Robert Drews
I. J. Gelb
Hans G. G├╝terbock

Ellsworth Huntington
Guy Le Strange
Daniel David Luckenbill
A. Leo Oppenheim
William M. Ramsay
Michael Rostovtzeff
E. A. Speiser
W. W. Tarn
Arthur Ungnad
Alexander A. Vasiliev

Miscellaneous Armenian-Language Books of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries, Printers' Art, etc.

Interview with Robert Bedrosian, conducted by Aram Arkun and published in the newspaper Armenian Mirror Spectator, May 21, 2010: Robert Bedrosian Marries High Tech with Ancient Armenian Manuscripts.

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